DPMG Modeling is a platform for young Women and Men to come together in Beauty and Fashion.

 Building Self Confidence within our Local Las Vegas Community.

Founded in 2009 by Photographer & Film Director Herbert Jones. Director Herbert Jones also known as Dj Dizz, born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, California, Born August 10, 1988. Re-located to Las Vegas Nevada in 2011.

Herbert then Started The Dizz Pro Media Group Model Management and Training that offers fair treatment, equal opportunity, and continuous practices in the fashion industry, from the runway to Photography. By coaching and managing models and other sources in understanding the rules applicable to them, and by encouraging them to have a voice in the work they show, the DPMG Model Management identifies common areas of concern in the fashion industry, conducts strategic research with leading research of its Leaders to inform policy initiatives, and educates the industry and the public about our Fashion Model Industry.

DPMG Model Management & Training is a Fashion Model Team of Young Women & Men The DPMG Model Management has a broad vision for the fashion industry. We believe the fashion community occupies a power platform to campaign for trans formative change. To effect change, however, Models working in the industry shall have a voice in their expressions. That “voice” can perform many forms, from industry practice to committees and Fashion Runways.

As the faces of the fashion industry, models are in a powerful position to consume a new consciousness into fashion—one that can motivate fair treatment, equal opportunity, and more continuous practices in this highly influential, global industry. By organizing a Motivated and Determined group of Fashion models, industry Leaders, and academics,

We aim to take in a mutually supportive system of industry leaders who will harness their best strengths to promote and coach greater transparency and accountability in the fashion industry for the fashion model, both at home and in Action. Dpmg has to offer to all members. Photo shooting, Model Workshops, Fashion Shows, Model Management, Portfolio, Certificate of Completion, Mentoring, Life Skills, and it will all be offered within 6 months of membership.

Together, we can improve the fashion industry from the runway to the Photography, we believe there is success for everyone!

Our Staff

Herbert Jones

Dir. Herbert Jones


Director Herbert Jones also known as Dj Dizz, born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, California, Born August 10, 1988.  Jones attended Manual Arts Senior High School (Los Angeles) and continued courses in Photography & Film making at Santa Monica College (California).

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Iyonna Jones

Na'keitra Jones

Model Coach

Na'keitra Jones, Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV a native for over 30 years, is the DPMG Model Coach and Human Resources Specialist for the Company. Na'Keitra is a loving mother and wife, and an Advocate for Mental Health Children and Young adults.

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Vonny Montana

Vonny Montana


Vonyea, Better known as Vonny Montana. Born in Arkansas raised in Pomona Started her modeling Career in 2012 then Moved to Vegas. She has been in over 10 fashion shows, has been in multiple music videos.

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