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DPMG Modeling is a platform for young Women and Men to come together in Beauty and Fashion along with Building Self Confidence within our Local Las Vegas Community. Founded in 2009 by Photographer & Film Director Herbert Jones.

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Herbert Jones

Meet Herbert Jones

Making a Difference!

As Founder & President of Dizz Pro Media Group, my main priority in this is to Maintain a Healthy and Safe Environment. My Mission is to create a platform for young Women & Men to come together in Fashion & Beauty along with building self-confidence within our Local Las Vegas Community. I believe there is Success For Everyone.

-Director Herbert Jones

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DPMG provides all model members the opportunity to participate in Fashion Shows. DPMG also allows the nonDPMG Models to be able to participate in upcoming fashion shows also.  If you will like to audition for any upcoming Fashion Show with DPMG MODELS please submit the information below

5 Steps to Enroll in DPMG MODELS

The Blueprint

DPMG Workshops

DPMG Workshop is provided for all DPMG Models and Members of the organization. Models meet once a week with the DPMG model Instructor Coach for training and advancing to become a Professional. The Workshop is always open to the public every last Saturday of the month for Non-DPMG members.​

Join our team and become a DPMG model. Submit the information below and our HR Specialist will get you Qualified and screened to schedule an interview and tryouts date.

To join one of our classes please submit the information in the form below.